North of 40 Writing Guidelines

North of 40 is a web site for adults who maintain a deep curiosity for the world around them—through active interest in the arts, culture, media, politics, fitness/sports, food, and travel. It is also a site for people who, in between PTA meetings, jobs, and necessary trips to Costco, realize that while growing up is necessary, growing boring is not. If you embrace your inner oddball and feel your tastes run left of center, please send us some writing. Articles need only be about 600 words—longer is great if you have the time and drive.

We are looking for articles on but not limited to:

  • current events
  • politics
  • business
  • working, or not working
  • music
  • film
  • TV
  • arts
  • travel
  • manners
  • food/drink
  • fitness/sports

We seek content that has one or more of these characteristics: thoughtful, inspirational, experiential, academic, bittersweet, nostalgic, topical, unusual. We’re looking for writing with an edge, a point of view, and a sense of humor. We also want to publish the work of visual artists. If you submit images, please also send us a short blurb about your work (3–4 sentences) and a bit of bio information for your byline. Please send us your article in a Word file and use 12 pt. Times New Roman type that’s double-spaced.

We have a rolling deadline for submissions (meaning, submissions are accepted constantly).


NOTE: If you’re writing a political/topical article, please make sure that any claims you make or data you use are supported by legitimate sources.