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Spit Backwards

My dad is a smart man, with a sharp wit and a need to control. My mom was a charmer with the soul of an artist, but the weakness of a dreamer. When children inherit traits from their parents, how does it all get sorted out? I would have liked to inherit my mom’s eye…


Aging Into Community

I finally can admit to myself that I’m getting old. This is not earth-shattering news. One important reason that aging no longer makes me anxious is that I think it’s going to mark some very surprising but positive changes in lifestyle, not only for me but for most Americans. In the current political climate, we’re…


The Long and Short of It

A deep, violent storm has been raging within me. Inside this placid, smiling, suburban woman has lurked the heart and soul of a daring adventuress, stalled by circumstance, bad luck, and ennui. What can help our heroine, she with the lofty ideals and intentions, but crappy follow-through and dashed enthusiasm? Only one thing: A haircut….