Articles by Pat Ryan

Pat Ryan is a San Francisco-based lawyer/musician and grandson of Hibernian immigrants from Cork. Thus, he is likely a distant inbred cousin of the Wisconsin congressman who’s ancestors also
hail from that fabled “Rebel County.”


GIRLS: A Season Five Synopsis

At an “on the down-low” Banksy exhibit in DUMBO, Shoshana’s fiancée breaks off their engagement, declaring that he is gender reassigning. Lovelorn Shosh swears off men forever and accidently joins Boko Haram, thinking it’s the African Peace Corps. Hannah, needing an assignment for her nonfiction workshop, believes a travelogue about liberating Shosh from the Boko…


Smith v. Ryan

INT. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES WEIGHT ROOM – 2 AM PAUL RYAN bench presses while mousy, bespectacled aide-de-camp NIGEL takes iPad notes. RYAN (grunting while pumping a light load): Where can we grab that kind of money? NIGEL (scrolling): EPA … but how? A BEAT. RYAN (alight): Block grant the EPA to 35 percent. That should…