The Science of Sharing

I feel like I’m five years old and playing doctor. Over dinner and a couple of glasses of wine, a relatively new friend leans in and tells me that she’s getting sick of her husband. Stiffens at the sound of his voice, pirouettes away from his stubby fingers.  I nod sympathetically, while she ticks off…


Super Summer Salads

Sublime Summer Salads Summer offers a number of opportunities for colorful, healthy dinner salads, easy on the eyes and the waistline. Salads are an exercise in balance—sweet and savory, proteins and carbs, soft and crunchy textures. Here are three of our favorites—so easy you can force your kids to make dinner. Use local organic greens…


GIRLS: A Season Five Synopsis

At an “on the down-low” Banksy exhibit in DUMBO, Shoshana’s fiancée breaks off their engagement, declaring that he is gender reassigning. Lovelorn Shosh swears off men forever and accidently joins Boko Haram, thinking it’s the African Peace Corps. Hannah, needing an assignment for her nonfiction workshop, believes a travelogue about liberating Shosh from the Boko…


Frog and Toad Are Not Friends: A Jeremiad

Digging around on the Internet and there it is, one of those, again. A turtle returns repeatedly to a ball in order to play with it, as a helpful puppy passes it back to him. Although I quickly get back to my article on the troubling Nazi strains within the current Ukrainian government, disquietude lingers….


Greetings from Kansas

I spat the pooled saliva into the kitchen sink. My throat felt prickly and my lungs were sore from the coughing bout. “You oughta take something for that cough,” I heard a voice say. I was alone so I knew the voice was just in my head, but it didn’t have the normal sound of…


Muriel Spark Redux

For much of my life, I’ve lived out an existence parallel to a character in a Muriel Spark novel. I became enamored of her tragi-comic dramatis personae in the 1970s when we read The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie in English class at my all-girls grammar school in Northeast Scotland. Seeing the eponymous movie in…


‘The Endless River’

Happiness is listening to the anxiously anticipated “new” and final album by Pink Floyd,  “The Endless River,” for the first time. The band that played the soundtrack to so much of my life has endured and remained relevant for almost 50 years. Although they played and recorded quite a bit of music together during the second half…